Who We Are

On March 6, 2011, at the Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church located 6356 South Eggleston in Chicago, Illinois, a group of baptized believers in Jesus Christ met and organized into what is known as The Christ Disciples Baptist Church of Chicago, Illinois. Having been organized by the usual procedure, Johner Wilson was elected pastor of ministry. Vernon Wright was elected as trustee; and Lula Wallace-White was elected Church Clerk.


Moving people from sin to faith, and from faith to following Christ.


We focus on witnessing the good news of the work of Christ to lost souls, worshiping in the fellowship of His followers and weaning from earthly passions and sinful practices. Therefore, our Church is like a ferry transporting restless souls to a place of refuge and peacemakers to a community in chaos.

Welcome the Holy Spirit into your heart by confession of sins and acceptance of Christ

Wean from earthly passions and sinful practices

Worship the Lord in the fellowship of the body in Spirit and truth

Witness the goodness and saving power of Christ/God to a lost and dying world

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